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30 years of classic handmade sculpture


• Busts, statues and all kinds carved for monuments, heroes, public spaces.

• Interior and exterior decoration projects, homes and businesses.

• Collaborations with public bodies, architects and decorators

Guaranteed quality of marble and bronze artworks


The laboratory

In our laboratory, works are created based on the art of marble sculpture, always utilizing to the fullest all the traditional techniques of sculpture, but without overshadowing the modern trends and aesthetics of today.


Municipality of Athens
Municipality of Tanagra
Municipality of Sparti
Municipality of Neapoli, Creta
Municipality of Minoapediada, Creta
Municipality of Mandra, Attica

Municipality of Saronikos
Municipality of Kassel Germany – “Museum Fridericiarum”
Community of Gonia, Rethimno
The House of Actors

Hadjikyriakeio Foundation of Piraeus
Holy Metropolis of Neapolis, Crete
Navy - Ministry of National Defense
Air Force – Ministry of National Defense
Hospital NIMTS

μαρμάρινες προτομές, μαρμάρινα αγάλματα, μπρούτζινες προτομές, κατασκευή αγαλμάτων, κατασκευή προτομής, εργαστήριο γλυπτικής, μαρμαρογλυπτική, μνημεία, μαρμάρινα τζάκια, γλύπτης Βαγγέλης Ηλίας


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